Kylie Cosmetics has come out with an eyeshadow palette! The palette is called the bronze palette and the packaging is just as beautiful as all of her packaging. Included in the palette is seven matte shades and two shimmers. Kylie Jenner normally keeps her eye looks pretty neutral, which comes through in this palette. If you do not like warm toned shadows, then this is not the palette for you. The palette contains different shades of brown, one black shade and an orange shade. Orange eyeshadows are used to make other colors pop a little extra. The black shade is not too pigmented, which means it would need to be applied multiple times. The shimmers are more subtle for an overall sheen. Overall I think this palette is great for people who love warm toned eyeshadows, and prefer more natural looks. The eyeshadow palette can be found at kyliecosmetics.com

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