Artis Brushes

Artis brushes are new game changers in the makeup industry. The oddly shaped brushes blend out liquid, cream and powder flawlessly. The technique used to apply products with these brushes is vastly different than your typical brush. These brushes were made to apply products directly on to your own skin, unlike other brushes which were made to apply products on others. The microfiber bristles smooth foundation, eyeliner or lipsticks with ease. When using an Artis brush, you should use windshield wiper motions rather than buffing in a circle. Although the price of these brushes are high, they do not soak up product like a beauty blender. A little foundation goes a long way with these brushes. The microfiber bristles are best cleaned with the microfiber cloth and gel without any water. The more you spend on these brushes the less you spend on foundation. The Artis brushes can be found online at artisbrushes.com

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