Viseart Theory Palettes

The Viseart Theory Palettes are three individual eyeshadow palettes containing six eyeshadows. Each palette contains three matte shades and three shimmer shades. Viseart shadows are so smooth and easy to blend with loads of pigment. Each palette has corresponding shades for you to create a cohesive look. They are very versatile and many different looks are achievable with these palettes. From the left, Theory Palette I Cashmere contains a vanilla shade, a light cool tone brown, and a dark cool tone brown. The shimmers in this palette are a light champagne color, a tan shimmer, and cool tone taupe shimmer. The middle palette is the Theory II Minx palette which contains a light matte peach shade, a matte warm tone brown, and a deeper warm tone brown. The shimmers in this palette are a tan shimmer shade, a copper simmer, and a burgundy shimmer. The last palette on the right is the Theory III Chroma. The matte shades are a pale white shade, a cool tone gray shade, and a black shade. The three shimmers are a soft gray, a gunmetal gray, and a deep charcoal shade. These palettes are higher in price but the pigmentation and buttery texture is definitely worth it in my opinion. These palettes can be found online at sephora.com and beautylish.com

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