KKW Beauty Contour Kit

KKW Beauty has arrived and all of you beauty lovers know I had to review the very first product that launched. We all know Kim Kardashian West is known to have glowing and bronzed skin. No matter if people like or dislike the Kardashians, Kim and her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic have changed the makeup game with a little thing called contouring. Kim has recently created KKW Beauty and has launched four different shades of contour kits.


Nurse Jamie Uplift

The Nurse Jamie Uplift is what I like to call my beauty wand. The Uplift is an innovative beauty tool for not only your face but for your body as well. The black stones are used to massage your skin using a rolling motion which instantly lifts and cools the skin. The rolling motion is used to mimic the manual manipulations used during a facial. There is a reason why most celebrities use this beauty tool before red carpets or before applying makeup. Any puffiness you may have when you wake up in the morning will instantly be firmed a smoothed with this tool. I personally start with the neck area and roll for about 45 seconds then move to the jawline. After the jawline I move up the cheeks and on to the forehead rolling for 45 seconds on each area. The results using this tool include enhancing your skin tone and instantly lifting and firming the skin. The best part about this beauty tool is that you only have to purchase this tool once and you are set. The retail price for this product is $69.00 and can be purchased on nursejamie.com 


Stila Magnificent Metals

Stila has completely changed the glitter eyeshadow game with these new Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadows. The shades show below are Kitten Karma and Rose Gold Retro. The liquid glitters are easy to apply using the doe foot applicator. These glitters can be used to transform any look to a more dramatic evening glam. The formula is a blend of pearl and glitter to give the eyelids not only an incredible shimmer but also texture. When applied their is minimal fallout and sticks to the lid all day long without creasing for a long wear time. Stila has created 10 glitter finish eyeshadows and three metallic finish eyeshadows. These shadows retail for $24 dollars each and can be purchased online at sephora.com or ultra.com

Marc Jacobs Bronzer and Blush

Marc Jacobs Omega Bronzer

Marc Jacobs Omega Bronzer is the newest launch in the coconut collection. The bronzer is a silky smooth texture and smells like coconuts. Because the powder is so finely milled it blends effortlessly. The shade tan tastic is flattering for light to medium skin tones. For darker skin tones I would recommend their original Omega Bronzer in the shade Tantric. The bronzer is $49.00 and can be found online at marcjacobs.com or sephora.com


Sunday Riley Good Genes and Luna Oil

Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment

Want smooth skin? An even skin tone? Reduced fine lines and wrinkles? Look no further than the Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment. It is a serum that can be used on all skin types from oily to dry to combination. The serum removes any texture your skin may have as well as dark spots and fine lines and wrinkles. The product is formulated with a high dose of purified lactic acid that immediately exfoliates dull, pore-clogged dead skin cells. After using it will reveal smoother, fresher and younger looking skin. A key ingredient in this serum is licorice which is vital in brightening the skin. To use apply two pumps to clean skin morning and night. This product is a staple in my skin care routine and I highly recommend you try a sample from Sephora to test it out yourself!

Luna Sleeping Night Oil

For all of my retinol lovers this is the product for you! A next generation retinol that boost the look and feel of your skin. It helps the skin look more plump and supple by improving the appearance of wrinkles, redness and pores. The retinol helps reduce the appearance of pores and wrinkles while the blue tansy and chamomile helps reduce the redness and sensitivity. To use you apply to clean skin at night time. The product applies blue to the skin and turns clear when you massage the product deeply into the skin.


Ouai Texturizing Spray and Dry Shampoo Foam

Texturizing Spray

The Ouai Texturizing Spray has completely transformed the way I style my hair. It gives the most beautiful effortless texture for that done/undone look. It is good for all hair types ranging from straight to waxy to curly. It is an ultra lightweight hairspray that not only gives texture but also gives loads of volume. It can also work as a dry shampoo because it absorbs excess oils in your hair to give your hair a refreshing boost. The product is talc free and keeps hair looking fresh and volumized all day long. To use all you have to do is shake the product up, hold it about 6 inches away from your head and mist from root to ends for effortless texture.

Dry Shampoo Foam

Okay, I know what your thinking. Foam products leave your hair feeling wet or crunchy. This product does neither! The Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam is a miracle worker for those of us who are tired of washing our hair all of the time. It is a waterless cleansing foam that removes oil and product buildup. It can be used on all hair types and refreshes hair between washes while gently cleansing and detangling hair. The foam is light and fluffy and dries quickly, perfect for second, third or fourth day hair or even after the gym. The dry shampoo is recommended to be used only on dry hair. Shake the product and dispense a ping pong ball size into your palms and rub together and even distribute by massaging into the scalp. I highly recommend both of these products and can not see myself using anything else! Both items can be found online at sephora.com


Marc Jacobs Liquid Lip Crème

Want a liquid lipstick that doesn't dry out your lips? Look no further than the new Marc Jacobs Liquid Lip Crème! These liquid lipsticks are not like your regular liquid lipsticks because these actually hydrate the lips. Although these lipsticks are not transfer proof they do last a solid eight hours of wear time. The pigmentation is amazing with one swipe of full coverage creamy color. Because the formula contains Brazilian cupuaçu, the lips never show any signs of lining or cracking. The shades range from light nudes to bold nudes. The shade on the top left is called Fawn Over Me and in my opinion it is the perfect peachy pink nude. The shade on the right is called Hot Cocoa and it is a beautiful warm brown tone nude. The pigmentation lasts all day and the shades range from nudes to bright pinky tones. The Marc Jacobs Liquid Lip Cremes can be found at Sephora.com


Wizard Wand Brushes!

Wizardry fans get excited because magical wand brushes finally exist! Storybook Cosmetics has released original wand brushes for all of you Harry Potter fans. The brushes are eyeshadow brushes that are cruelty free synthetic hair brushes. The wands come with a custom velvet pouch for safe keeping. From the left the wand is a flat definer brush with a vine design on the bottom. The second brush from the left is a flat packing brush with a tentacle design with swirls all the way up the barrel. The brush in the very center of the picture is a regular shadow brush with a gold medallion with a Storybook S design. The brush second from the right is a fluffy pointed blending brush with a diamond shape design. The last brush all the way to the left is a long skinny blending brush with a braided design on the bottom. Overall the synthetic hairs of these brushes are incredibly soft. The handles of these brushes are heavy and made of a very good quality. The brushes are currently out of stock but check with the Storybook Cosmetics Instagram for presale information. They are also working on some amazing products including a Witchcraft and Wizardry Eyeshadow Palette. These brushes can be found at www.storybookcosmetics.com


Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

Too Faced has release the ever popular Sweet Peach Palette again. It originally started out as a limited edition palette but was so popular that they created an entire Sweet Peach Collection. The entire collection smells like delicious peaches. The showstopper of the collection is the eyeshadow palette. The palette contains 18 various shades ranging from peachy pinks, to corals and bronze colors with various pops of color. The palette contains matte, satin, shimmer and metallics shades. Each and every shade is super pigmented and easy to bend. The shimmer and metallic shades can also be used dampened to make them pop more. Various different makeup looks can be achieved using this palette. The palette also comes with a pamphlet that shows you how to create three different looks. If you like warm toned eyeshadows then this is the palette for you. This palette can be found in stores at Ulta or Sephora or online at sephora.com and ultra.com


Makeup Essentials by Madeline Dupuis

Madeline Dupuis is a local Esthetician and Makeup Artist who owns Joie de Vivre. She has been doing makeup for many many years and continues to enhance her education as well as others. She is one of the most well known makeup artists in the Lafayette area and does makeup for any occasion such as weddings, balls, and proms or homecoming. She has been to the best of the best makeup classes around the United States. She attended Mario Dedivanovic's Master Class in Los Angeles. Mario is Kim Kardashian's makeup artist as well as many other celebrities. Most recently she attended Hrush Achemyan's Elements Master Course. It was a 3 day intense hands on course where she learned many new tips and tricks that Hrush uses on celebrities. With all of these amazing new techniques Madeline decided to start teaching her own makeup class. Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending her makeup class called Makeup Essentials by Madeline Dupuis at Joie de Vivre. Upon arriving to the class you are provided with everything you need to take notes. She goes very in depth of each and every product she uses and why she uses it. She also asks the group what specific things we were interested in learning which was great because everyones needs were met. We were allowed to get up close and personal with the model to see exactly what she was doing and what products were used. After finishing up we were encouraged to check out the products and take pictures of anything we were interested in. She also provides refreshments and goody bags! Overall this class is amazing for beginners up to professional makeup artists because she will touch base with each individual person. For more information about dates and times of her classes check out her Facebook page. Lastly, if you have 5 or more people interested in taking her class you can even book a private class with you and all of your friends.  


Glamglow GravityMud Firming Treatment

GLAMGLOW is an amazing skincare brand that is most widely known for their face masks. Their masks target various skin concerns and skin types. The Supermud Clearing Treatment is my go to mask when I am breaking out and need to clean out my pores. They make a mask for dry and dehydrated skin called THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Treatment. They also make one for dull or uneven skin known as the FLASHMUD Brightening Treatment. The mask that I am excited to discuss today is called the GRAVITYMUD Firming Treatment.


Happy New Year! 2016 has definitely been a year to remember for me. So many amazing things have come and gone and I have learned so much in a short period of time. Of course it had its ups and downs but don't we all have to roll with the punches. Let's start with a little recap.