Glamglow GravityMud Firming Treatment

GLAMGLOW is an amazing skincare brand that is most widely known for their face masks. Their masks target various skin concerns and skin types. The Supermud Clearing Treatment is my go to mask when I am breaking out and need to clean out my pores. They make a mask for dry and dehydrated skin called THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Treatment. They also make one for dull or uneven skin known as the FLASHMUD Brightening Treatment. The mask that I am excited to discuss today is called the GRAVITYMUD Firming Treatment.
This is the first peel off mask that GLAMGLOW has created. The firming treatment comes in a purple tin can and the product inside is a creamy white liquid. When applied to the skin the product changes from a creamy white to a metallic silver as it dries down. By the time the entire mask is dry on the skin you will look like the tin man from the Wizard of Oz in the best way possible. After 20 to 30 minutes you simply peel the mask off. You can rinse any left over debris if necessary on your face. As the mask is applied and drying you can feel your skin tightening and firming. After the mask is removed, your skin will instantly look brighter and more vibrant. This mask works for all skin types and helps with fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and loss of firmness or elasticity. If you are sensitive to the way some products smell this mask may not be for you because the mask contains a strong coconut smell. The smell does not affect me what so ever but it might affect others. This mask can be found at sephora.com and Sephora stores.

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