Makeup Essentials by Madeline Dupuis

Madeline Dupuis is a local Esthetician and Makeup Artist who owns Joie de Vivre. She has been doing makeup for many many years and continues to enhance her education as well as others. She is one of the most well known makeup artists in the Lafayette area and does makeup for any occasion such as weddings, balls, and proms or homecoming. She has been to the best of the best makeup classes around the United States. She attended Mario Dedivanovic's Master Class in Los Angeles. Mario is Kim Kardashian's makeup artist as well as many other celebrities. Most recently she attended Hrush Achemyan's Elements Master Course. It was a 3 day intense hands on course where she learned many new tips and tricks that Hrush uses on celebrities. With all of these amazing new techniques Madeline decided to start teaching her own makeup class. Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending her makeup class called Makeup Essentials by Madeline Dupuis at Joie de Vivre. Upon arriving to the class you are provided with everything you need to take notes. She goes very in depth of each and every product she uses and why she uses it. She also asks the group what specific things we were interested in learning which was great because everyones needs were met. We were allowed to get up close and personal with the model to see exactly what she was doing and what products were used. After finishing up we were encouraged to check out the products and take pictures of anything we were interested in. She also provides refreshments and goody bags! Overall this class is amazing for beginners up to professional makeup artists because she will touch base with each individual person. For more information about dates and times of her classes check out her Facebook page. Lastly, if you have 5 or more people interested in taking her class you can even book a private class with you and all of your friends.  

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