Wizard Wand Brushes!

Wizardry fans get excited because magical wand brushes finally exist! Storybook Cosmetics has released original wand brushes for all of you Harry Potter fans. The brushes are eyeshadow brushes that are cruelty free synthetic hair brushes. The wands come with a custom velvet pouch for safe keeping. From the left the wand is a flat definer brush with a vine design on the bottom. The second brush from the left is a flat packing brush with a tentacle design with swirls all the way up the barrel. The brush in the very center of the picture is a regular shadow brush with a gold medallion with a Storybook S design. The brush second from the right is a fluffy pointed blending brush with a diamond shape design. The last brush all the way to the left is a long skinny blending brush with a braided design on the bottom. Overall the synthetic hairs of these brushes are incredibly soft. The handles of these brushes are heavy and made of a very good quality. The brushes are currently out of stock but check with the Storybook Cosmetics Instagram for presale information. They are also working on some amazing products including a Witchcraft and Wizardry Eyeshadow Palette. These brushes can be found at www.storybookcosmetics.com

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