Nurse Jamie Uplift

The Nurse Jamie Uplift is what I like to call my beauty wand. The Uplift is an innovative beauty tool for not only your face but for your body as well. The black stones are used to massage your skin using a rolling motion which instantly lifts and cools the skin. The rolling motion is used to mimic the manual manipulations used during a facial. There is a reason why most celebrities use this beauty tool before red carpets or before applying makeup. Any puffiness you may have when you wake up in the morning will instantly be firmed a smoothed with this tool. I personally start with the neck area and roll for about 45 seconds then move to the jawline. After the jawline I move up the cheeks and on to the forehead rolling for 45 seconds on each area. The results using this tool include enhancing your skin tone and instantly lifting and firming the skin. The best part about this beauty tool is that you only have to purchase this tool once and you are set. The retail price for this product is $69.00 and can be purchased on nursejamie.com 

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